fircomp 2

Ultra clean compressor / limiter, now more flexible!

Screenshot of fircomp 2 plugin

Ultra clean peak compressor/limiter with punchy attack, musical release, and optional lookahead smoothing, for tracks or busses. Zero/low latency and low CPU.

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Fircomp 2 is available as a digital download. You will also receive future updates. Please try the demo versions to check full compatibility with your system before purchasing.

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Download demo versions

Manual: Download Manual PDF!

Signal flow diagram: Download Signal Flow PDF!

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Installation simply involves downloading and unzipping the correct file, then copying the plugin file/bundle into the correct folder/directory for your system. Depending on your DAW or host software, you may then need to "rescan" your plugin folder. The folders/directories suggested below are the defaults for most systems, but you may have a different preferred location.

OSX "unquarantine" command file
The fircomp2_unquarantine.command file included with the OSX versions of the plugin is designed to be run before copying the plugin files(s) to the system folders (listed above). It simply removes the "quarantine" attribute from the downloaded plugin files, and has no other effect on your system. It does this using the xattr program included with OSX. To close Terminal after this process has completed, simply go to Terminal -> Quit Terminal, or press Cmd-Q while the terminal window is selected.

Other formats

Linux VST3: A linux x64 VST3 version has been made available for testing. Please email me (see contact section below) if you would like to try it. An official linux release will be coming soon.
Apple M1: Fircomp 2 is now distributed as a "universal binary" which contains native code for both the M1 and Intel CPUs. They share the same codebase, however the Intel version has received much more testing so far, and I intend to do much more thorough testing once I have direct access to an M1 mac myself.
AAX: Although I hope to support this format one day, there is currently no planned date to release an AAX version of Fircomp 2.
32-bit VST3, 32-bit AU2, 64/32 bit VST2: There are no plans for Fircomp 2 to support these formats.

Contact, support, and bugs

Please send support requests / feedback / bug reports to: fircomp at jonvaudio dot com. If asking for support or help, please provide:

If at all possible, videos or screenshots demonstrating your issue can also be very helpful.


Jon VJon V Audio is Jon Ville, a software developer and music producer from London, UK.


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